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Our meme-desk staff track meme coin projects which entertain and disrupt the status quo simultaneously. In conjunction with Meme Society, Meme Forge and our media partners we have created a synergy which have tracked returns from 100X through 5000X rewards to early procurers of numerous meme tokens.

Shibu Inu, Dogecoin, PePe, and other top performers rival native tokens such as XRP, Solana, ADA as this trend continues to defy market analysis and legacy Wallstreet insiders.

Our latest featured meme is $GappyCoin. $GappyCoin is developed to not only be entertaining, but its tokenomics is designed to be a hedge to the instable global economy which most global citizens are feeling the pinch as we speak. The gig economy, inflation, predicted global recession, artificial intelligence job disruption, plus global unrest makes $GappyCoin attractive for a hedging strategy. No need to contact a broker to sponge fees off your bottom line. Just visit and procure $Gappy direct and save it (hodl) for a rainy day.

Visit to start your hedge portfolio with $GappyCoin.

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Market Research

Our market research team constantly evaluates the crypto and stock market conditions for bull and bear sentiment

Meme Entry Strategy

The crypto eco is in constant movement which translates into an ebb and flow buoyancy. Timing and fluidity are everything for Meme PreSales.

Branding & Identity

A consistent message is essential for memes to attract the meme coin hodler. Meme Foundry and our partners have experience in executing the hype.

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Meme Foundry to launch token for offset lithograph Following-the-Path. The symbol is FOTPA. HODLERS will receive a limited edition when YTD amount of $FOTPA is procured. Stay tuned as this development matures.

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