$GappyCoin Global Hedge Series

We are the world. We are all global citizens. No matter where you are on the globe enjoy yourself and hedge with some #GappyCoin. Join the #GappyCoinBrigade and help yourself. There is no time like the present time to ACT NOW at www.gappycoin.com!

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GappyCoin is a mindset, opportunity, strategic movement and not a moment. GappyCoin provides a hedge for its hodlers against inflation, global unrest, gig economy, predicted global recession, AI job displacement and other unforeseen incidentals. Many meme and other crypto project developers hold true to the crypto primis which embraces decentralized, anonymous, permissionless blockchain transactions.

So, GappyCoin presents to citizens around the world an opportunity to buy and hodl some $Gappy and show the status quo the door out of your adult life.

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Act now. There is never any time but now, and there never will be any time but now. If you are ever to begin to make ready for the reception of what you want, you must begin now. Take advantage of the GappyCoin Presale before the DEX pump!

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